Buymyweedonline Online CBD Pet Products for Pet Lovers

Buymyweedonline CBD for Dogs and Cats

You might not have an idea that marijuana is not effective on humans but also on animals as well, especially dogs. Buymyweedonline offers you CBD for your pets. The two main components found are hemp and cannabis. It does not mess up the dog’s systems but helps in keeping the system synced. CBD has been proved effective for dogs suffering seizures as they make it bearable and chronic pain. The two different types of product categories available are CBD for dogs and CBD for cats. The dosage of CBD for your dog should be kept between 1 to 2 mgs every ten pounds, nothing more than that. It is because the amount of CBD should be concerned with the weight of the dog. The dosage for cats is 1-2 mgs for every 10 pounds.

Buymyweedonline CBD Pet Products for Pet Lovers

This is a relatively new range of products that we offer here at Buy My Weed Online. The range is a little limited in comparison to the other ranges, but it has plenty to fulfill your pet’s needs. Products such as CBD Medicated Dog Treats, priced at $35-$45. It comes in two different packs 100mg CBD, 5mg per piece, and 200mg CBD 10mg per piece. Secondly, a product called Mary’s Feline 200mg CBD Oil which costs $35, is specifically for cats and its contents are cat friendly. Lastly, a product called CBD Dried Sardines, which are priced at $35-$45m is available in two packaging. One is the 100mg CBD Dried Sardines, and the other is 200mg CBD Dried Sardines. This is a snack that cats are going to love. To top that, there are no additives in this CBD pet product available at Buymyweedonline .

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