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There is some of the best Sativa Strain that is good for your physical and medical issues. Let’s have a look at the strains below:

Jack Herer

Buyweedonline Jack Herer is a well-known strain in the USA. It was originated in California, and it was honored this name in the memory of a longtime local Cannabis user. It has a loamy smell and taste with little hints of pine and trees. It is euphoric, happy, high, and bubbly with energy and creativity hit. It is an effective strain for people suffering from neurological disorders, bipolar disorder, migraine, PTSB, ADHD, etc. After taking it, dizziness and dry mouth are common but effective for the disorders.

Jet Fuel

It is a Sativa dominant strain and combines with the most renowned strain named Diesel Strain. It immediately takes control of its user’s mind and induces a strong euphoria feeling. The increase in cerebral excitement is seen because it uplifts the energy of the user. The body will come to a relaxed state, but the user will feel lazy and foggy. It is an effective strain for treating conditions like anxiety, depression, migraines, and tension headaches.  Jet fuel is ideal pick for those who suffer with insomnia and need something best for their sleep problem.

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