Animal Cookies

Animal Cookies form Online Dispensary Canada is a potent strain which renowned for its numerous health advantages and its fragrant appearance. This combination is an Indica-dominant mixture that creates a full-body high with a strong brain that kicks in immediately, which takes off your feet.

Animal Cookies

In so many ways, this strain is a wonder. Animal Cookie is a purple bud sprinkled with orange fur, rendering it desirable to look at.

This strain usually produces large amounts of THC. In the field of medical cannabis, this strain has been so popular that certain specific illnesses, such as discomfort, mood problems and chronic stress, can be cured after using this potent strain.


Animal cookies produce a strong high, which arrives easily and efficiently. If you consumed larger quantities, you would immediately feel comfortable and relaxed by a heavy-body couch lock.

This makes it a perfect choice if you want to relax after a long, tiring day and want to reduce useless worries. This strain will quickly generate an exciting sense of satisfaction and joy.

Animal cookies make you feel giddy and relaxed, and you can do something if you can pull yourself from the couch. For many other people, this dominant Indica strain is ideal for getting rid of your stress and relaxing your spirit to prepare you for a restful night of sleep.


The Animal Cookies, known by their fans as “Dessert of the Earth,” are highly fragrant and distinctive in their aroma. Animal cookies has earthy and sour aroma mixed with a sweet vanilla aroma. It’s pretty pungent, so you leave your mouth open and expect more.


Animal Cookies has traces of citrus, mixed with an earthy note, making this hybrid very joyful, especially if you have a sweet tooth.


Animal cookies are soothing and relaxed, which is why they have become so common in the world of medical marijuana. This has a good body feel, which is unquestionably soothing and is a perfect option for those who are searching for any support in the comfort field and an effective resource for persistent stress control.

Many users of Online Dispensary Canada, one of the best online dispensary, use this weed strain to better soothe their aches and pains. Animal Cookies are excellent for managing muscle spasms, knee discomfort and back pain, rendering it even more comfortable for long-term sufferers.


This strain is also perfect for people who have a hard time falling asleep, and therefore many users of Online Dispensary Canada, one of the leading online dispensary, have recommended that for sound sleep.

If you are interested in trying this potent strain, then why are you waiting now? Visit Online Dispensary Canada, one of the best online dispensary, and order Animal Cookies and start enjoying the full body high.