Online Dispensary Canada is an online dispensary that caters to your weed needs in Canada. This is easy to buy and use website for CBD, edibles, hash, weed, cannabis, and other medicinal and recreational drugs in a safe capacity.


Online Dispensary Canada offers you a flat 15% discount on your first order if you apply the promo code displayed on the homepage. We also offer you free delivery on orders above $149. A quick delivery within 2-5 business days is guaranteed, or else feels free to get your money back.

The variety of edibles available at Online Dispensary Canada  is THC gummies, THC chocolates, THC Beverages, and CBD Edibles. The edibles available are great for the buzz without even smoking. The CBD and THC infused foods available in gummies and chocolates are to die for. The hot favorite edibles in the dispensary are Indica THC Cara Melts Twisted Extracts, Jelly Bomb, Assorted Candy- Cannabis Cousins, Pegasus Cannabis-Infused Candy, High Tea Chamomile Smile, Cherry Cola Bottle Gummies, High Tea Calming, High Tea Cuppa Chai, High Tea Earl Grey, High Tea Majestic Mint, Sour Keys and many more. THC Chocolates like Five Point Edibles, Milk Chocolate Bars, Canna Cocoa Hot Chocolate Mix, Mota Black Chocolate Mix, and others are very popular amongst the products available.

Easy Usage

Online Dispensary Canada provides a guide for the usage of weed and other drugs to make sure no mishap happens. For beginners or amateurs, the key is to split the edible and take it after intervals; make sure you stuff yourself before having an edible, so it gives you a buzz gradually. These are some of the tips that we guide you with.

To check out the wide variety of products, you should the website out to save yourself some time and trips to a dispensary.