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Have a look at some of the best Sativa strains that are available at online dispensary Canada:

Strawberry Cough:

This strawberry flavored Sativa strain is the best choice for any cannabis lover looking for a perfect high head feeling. Because of the 26% concentration of THC in this product, you can experience more than just a high feeling. This product produced by Online dispensary Canada will leave you completely relaxed and calm, and if you’ll have any kind of anxiety, it won’t be there anymore!

Super Silver Haze:

This Sativa dominant strain has won an award as well, and because of this, the Online dispensary Canada feels very proud to keep this product on sale. The THC and CBD concentrations in this product are even more effective and can multiply the original effects of the Sativa strain. After using this product, you won’t only feel happy and relaxed, but it shall also induce laughter in you. For a product like this, spending only $15 is totally fine.

Lamb’s Bread:

Sativa strains are Online dispensary Canada specialty, and this product is among those Sativa strains which not only produce a calming sensation but also make you feel light-headed. You can use this product to get rid of chronic pain, and your day will get a bit more sparkly after using this. This product is a day-time smoke, so better use it right after you come back home from work.