Fruity Watermelon Shatter


Fruity Watermelon is a sweet-bodied strain that smells and tastes like fresh fruit with notes of watermelon. It has strong uplifting properties, that will make you feel energized and motivated at first, until the indica traits kick in and result in a full-body relaxation.

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Fruity Watermelon is an especially fruity and flavourful kind of shatter, coming from Watermelon X Fruitloop heritage.

Aroma: Fruity Watermelon smells like fresh summer strawberries, with a strong and pungent aroma of sweetness and sugar, mixed with a touch of earthiness.

Taste: Fruity Watermelon tastes as dope as it smells, with a sweet berry flavour that relaxes you instantly upon inhale, with its exhale tasting more tropical.

High: Fruity Watermelon is widely sought after as a relaxant, taking effect in both the mind and the body, leaving no trace of stress and worry in your mood, making it perfect as a nightcap after a long day at the office. This indica is a favourite among those who seek out a heavier kind of high. Fruity Watermelon will make you feel happy and joyous, social, and possibly leave you in fits of laughter.

Used For: Mood boost, euphoria, relaxation, insomnia, chronic stress, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, muscle soreness.

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Dimensions 12 × 8 × 0.3 cm


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