Grape Crush Shatter


Grape Crush is savoured for both its fruity berry smoke and fantastic effects it reveals. Found in few places along the West Coast, Grape Crush provides you with an uplifted mood and cozy full body relaxation, making it the ultimate partner for a night of  “Netflix and Chill”, brainstorming new ideas, and manifesting your new pain-free life.

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Grape Crush strain is an indica dominated hybrid strain with just enough sativa to keep the high energizing and smooth. The genetics of the strain are a mystery, but that hasn’t stopped Grape Crush from quickly becoming cannabis users favourite dabbing treat whenever they can find it.

Taste: The strain comes with a suspect of Blueberry genes with its inherited berry flavour and aroma to match.

High: Grape Crush produces a slow-moving high that relaxes the body and inspires the mind. Perfect for those who are looking for a late night smoke that wont have you pinned down to the couch. Best savoured after a long day or week of work, this strain can be nice for some introspective solo time as well as for chummy, giggly hang sessions with like-minded friends. Because of its taper down in energy, this is one strain that’s best enjoyed during the early evening or nighttime.

Used For: Relaxation, happiness, numbing properties, stress, depression, anxiety, painkiller for both chronic pain and everyday irritations like migraines and muscle aches.

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