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King Kong Glue, often referred to as simply King Glue, was bred by crossing the strains Gorilla Glue, White Widow and BB Cheese Reversed. King Glue is an indica-dominant (75/25) hybrid and provide the full body relaxation associated with indicas. However, King Glue also provides the cerebral-buzz many users look for in sativas. In fact, King Glue works as an exceptional social lubricant, inspires creativity and can cause fits of giggles. It is no ordinary indica. For those who like to enjoy the best of both worlds, King Glue can be found in cannabis stores and online dispensaries.

In many ways King Glue resembles a classic indica, taking its name from the thick covering of sticky, silver trichomes over light, almost neon-green buds. King Glue is characterized by visible patches of deep purple, mass of curling amber hairs complete the picture.

Those resinous trichomes ensure King Glue has high THC, averaging around 20%. The profile is completed by terpenes such as caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene, which produces its signature sour odor which often includes notes of citrus

King Glue is known for the long-lasting effects of its high, this typically combines the sensations usually associated with indica-dominant strains, but also focused and stimulating effects that allow users to be product and may encourage creativity.

King Glue is particularly effective at combating the symptoms of an upset stomach and rectifying a loss of appetite.

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King Glue

Buy weed online King Glue strain, dominating Indica, has colorful neon greens with deep purple patches, and these colors are easy to recognize. The healed buds are mildly rusty and formed like tiny spades.

Introduction King Glue will magnetize you to the bed in a lightheaded, full-body attitude or keep you moving for hours based on how many you use. And that is obvious; if you enjoy the flexibility of a strain that does not limit your experience, this strain can be the ideal choice.

Appearance King Glue has medium density nugs buds that are loosely wrapped, so even bigger samples weigh comparatively less. Each nug blends a variety of green hues that reveal brighter, translucent greens with dark green undertones. The orange hairs pass through the flower as expected, offering a clear , high saturation contrast rendering the strain especially appealing to the eye.

The orange hairs move through the flower as anticipated, offering a simple, high saturation contrast that makes the strain particularly appealing to the eye. King Glue may have THC levels of up to 30%, rendering it one of the most effective solutions available. And as far as the effect is concerned, it seems random; there’s really no way to know what you’re going to get when you take a toke next.

Often, you’re recommended to take smaller doses, building up to the effects you’re aiming for.

Mostly, it is advised that you take lower amounts, building up to the effects you’re looking to obtain.

Many who enjoy King Glue regularly agree that when used in smaller amounts, the effects tend to lean more towards the Sativa side. But if you were looking for a hard-hitting, couch-locking relief, you would need a stronger dosage. is a leading dispensary of various cannabis goods and services. is currently providing online medical & recreational cannabis orders in real-time. If you have any questions about the King Glue strain, please contact us. We are happy to answer your request


Consumers of King Glue can enjoy the symphony of flavors combined for a distinct experience thanks to the highly flavored parent strains of King Glue. The King Glue exudes a hard-hitting lemon scent that can be linked to its family Sour on the first taste. Subtle chocolate covered with skunky notes closely follows and describes the parent strain in the culture history.

Taste-wise, the same variations are defined in the same way. Next comes a good taste of lemon, accompanied by dark chocolate, cocoa, and skunk that is full of taste buds. At the end of the day, a strong fuel finish completes the melodic blend of tastes, taking you all on a smooth ride with every ride.


Occasionally described as ‘heady,’ many of the King Glue effects focus on the dream, giving you a warm, airy sense of focus and relaxation. Some even say that the King Glue provides a fun feeling of carefree light-headedness, relieves stress, and relaxes the senses. King Glue mixture of euphoria and excitement can create a sense of well-being, increase motivation, and decrease internal tension to foster a positive self-image. King Glue will make you feel the urge to sit glued to your seat at a higher level while the heady results take control, clear your mind, and give you an absolute insight that works well for those who need a rest.


Strong, energizing, relaxing, and uplifting, King Glue strain is an all-embracing solution to most of the problems with a world-class strain of cannabis. So why are you waiting to visit and order now this King Glue and enjoy the flexibility of a strain that does not limit your experience.

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