Lindsay OG Shatter


Lindsay OG is an award-winning indica dominant strain, well known for its potent sedative effects and wonderful pungent aroma. The powerful relaxing extract can sometimes be too much for the novice smoker, and if taken in heavy doses the total body relaxation and waves of euphoria can send you straight to dreamland.

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Lindsay OG is a hard hitting indica strain, named after the town of Lindsay, Ontario.

Taste: Lindsay OG Kush is a unique strain with deep earthy flavour tones, with hints of pine and diesel.

High: After dabbing Lindsay OG you can expect a creeping body buzz to wash over you, leaving you completely relaxed in every single muscle and in a state of pure bliss. Despite these powerful muscle-relaxing effects, when smoked in smaller doses Lindsay OG is a great strain for intimacy, gaming or chill vibe socialization. If smoked in large amounts, expect to be euphorically couch-locked, and easily able to slip into a deep sleep if already tired and exhausted.

Used for: Mood boost, euphoria, chronic and acute pain, depression, stress, anxiety, headaches, nausea, insomnia.

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