Lowryder Budder (B)


Lowryder Budder is an energetic little strain that is very popular among artists and musician for its ability to inspire and make them feel more creatively inclined. This strain is relaxing without making the body feel heavy, and can create an unforgettable cerebral buzz that will spread in the body, making you feel all sorts of giggly.

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  • Lowryder Budder

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Aroma: Lowryder Budder is very fragrant and has a distinct aroma that some would say reminds them of Christmas. Its scent is sweet and contains traces of pine, a strong citrus blanket hanging over it, filling up the room. This strain will get all your senses going and your mouth watering.

Taste: Lowryder Budder is fruity and flavorful, with a sweeping sweet and citrus flavor dominating its high. This strain has a smoke that can only be described as buttery, and its exhale will taste like sweet pine, leaving a strong pungent aftertaste.

High: Lowryder Budder is a daytime treat, as it is energizing and will allow you to complete your tasks without slowing down the mind. Lowryder Budder can be enjoyed at night too, especially when you have made plans with friends and are set on a long evening out socializing and partying it up. This active strain will also make you more outgoing, ultimately ending you up in the middle of a conversation, as it will make you more talkative.

Used for: ADD/ADHD, Asthma, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, Nausea, Stress

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