Sour OG Beyond Extracts Shatter


Sour OG Beyond Extracts Shatter is a peace-loving smoke that will instantly catapult you into a solid state of happiness. It is perfect for those moments when you are seeking to feel uplifted, warm and fuzzy with positive vibrations and slow and dreamlike effects. This beautiful and potent hybrid is a great choice for when you just want to relax at the end of the day and allow yourself to sink into a vigorous and vivid euphoric state. Sour OG has also been the go-to choice of artists due to its ability to allow you to delve into your creativity in a deeper and more inspired way.

**Our Cannabis Flower, THC Extracts and Marijuana Edibles are grown and produced in Canada’s beautiful Okanagan Valley.**

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  • Sour OG Beyond Extracts Shatter

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Aroma: Sour OG Beyond Extracts Shatter is a deliciously pungent hybrid that is said to reek of a potent mix of pine and diesel. Hints of earthiness cut through this strain, along with hints of lemon, making for a refreshing scent that will fill every room it enters, without fail.

Taste: Sour OG shatter is lemony also in its taste. It will leave a strong taste of pine on your tongue, sticky and potent. A strong pine flavor can also be noticed in its smoked, along with an earthy taste mixed with a very obvious hint of diesel.

High: Sour OG Beyond Extracts Shatter is said to be very useful in the treatment of many ailments. Those who suffer from symptoms of stress may benefit the most from the regular use of this particular healing strain, as it is great at inducing a solid state of relaxation and calm.

Used For: Creative, Energizing, Euphoria, Giggly, Happy, Relaxing, Sociable, Uplifting

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